How to grow your salon clientele and attract dream customers in 2020

My secrets for growing your beauty business clientele with Facebook and Instagram, after the pandemic and beyond.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


Why social media is still the best client referrer ever, but how most beauty businesses are using it wrong


The exact posts that salons and spas are using to get dozens of new clients and thousands in bookings


The one tool that turns likes and comments into actual bookings (that barely anyone is using)


What clients want to see and hear from you on social media after the pandemic

This training is definitely for you if...

Social media has become a time and energy struggle, and you feel like it’s “homework” you’d rather not do

You feel like no one is paying attention to your Facebook and Instagram posts, but you’re not sure what to do differently

FB and IG been great for getting lots of likes and comments, but those aren’t translating into bookings.

You’ve tried boosting posts on your page, but you felt like it was a waste of money or you’re not even sure if it worked or not.

An Invite From Stephanie

I've been using Facebook and Instagram ads to grow my businesses since 2012. In fact, you probably found this training through one of my ads!

Since learning how powerful ads were for my own business, I started teaching salon owners the same thing. I've worked with them to create highly-profitable social campaigns that have gotten them dozens of bookings, thousands of dollars in extra revenue, and a flock of loyal clients. 

In this fully updated Masterclass I'm sharing my formula to boost your beauty business after the shutdown, so you can keep growing sustainably.

If you're committed to learning how to grow your clientele with social this year, I can't wait to show you what I know!

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